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Put an end to pointless fights, endless arguments, and the love-hate cycles. Reintroduce joy, intimacy, and understanding into your relationship with time-tested advice from relationship experts. Get Couples Speak.

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Couples Speak

Embark on a guided journey that restores your relationship’s love, connection, and intimacy with fun, playful, and exciting couples coaching on CouplesSpeak. It integrates tried, tested, and proven principles of the Bader-Pearson  Developmental Model into 50+ years of  combined experience of expert therapists.

How It Works

CouplesSpeak relies on lessons from experts to help you identify gaps in communication and areas of improvement in your relationship. Then, both you and your partner get tailored resources that give you a roadmap for improving communication, nurturing understanding, and building a relationship of your dreams.

Take Quizzes

Discover how much you and your partner know each other with a quick quiz, and get custom resources to help you resolve specific issues.

Get Resources

Get Resources Use lessons, tools, fun exercises, and other resources to grow communication, intimacy, and understanding between you and your partner

Track and Improve

Take daily quizzes to monitor your relationship’s improvement journey and work on areas that demand your attention


Why Couples Speak

  • It Makes Couples Therapy Fun

Not everyone can open up before a stranger, even if the stranger is only trying to help them. With Couple Speak, couples talk only to each other and, therefore, open up like never before. And, you can do it from anywhere, anytime.

  • You Get a Roadmap to Happiness

You and your partner get the tools, strategies, and a roadmap to take your relationship from dissatisfaction to happiness. The app is loaded with expert advice on how to improve intimacy, what to do when fighting, and secrets of relationship therapists.

  • No More Nagging

You don’t have to coax each other into scheduling or attending a session. The built-in calendar sends timely reminders, and users can set their own deadlines for completing a task. You and your partner decide the pace of your improvement, which means no resenting each other.

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