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Give a fock

What ToDo When You Do Give a F*ck

Discover The Roadmap To A Happy Relationship

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Give a fock


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More than just a guide to communication, this book will help you stop giving f*cks about the wrong things and start shifting your energy into creating a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship experience – under the expert guidance of someone who once walked the same path and knows how to help you create the partnership you deserve!

Do you want to discover:

  • New perspectives on damaging patterns
  • How to release from unproductive thinking and behavior
  • Discover a perspective to transform any relationship
  • How to have real conversations and authentic connection
  • Tips to a stronger, lasting relationship?
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Communication Mini course Discover

A Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Time Out

In this book, Jessica helps you discover the biggest problem facing couples today. This book takes a look into the real issues that couples face and serves as more than just a how to. People are tired of being told what they need to do. Instead, this book gives us a roadmap based on what someone does. Jessica stands up and says here is what I did and her is what thousands of other people have done to recreate their relationship.

What the experts are saying

“Jessica takes you on a remarkable journey. She teaches relationship skills but makes all her points come alive as she invites you into her own struggles and successes. It is a rare author who is so personally disclosing. You’ll love her, you’ll root for her, and you’ll learn from each challenge she faces. And I’ve known her since she fought these ideas, then started on this path, then finally embraced them and fell in love all over again. I know it’s all true!”

Ellyn Bader, PhD

Founder of The Couples Institute and the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

“This is a very honest, very vulnerable book, and therefore, fascinating, revealing, and useful. I think the real-life examples will ring true to anyone who has ever been in a committed relationship and acted in ways they wish they had not but seem to repeat again and again. It’s unusually revealing about everyday life, tiffs, and bigger emotional abuse, and I applaud the author’s bravery in showing her life as an example of mistakes that can be fixed. Definitely worth reading and then reading again. Lots to learn here.”

Pepper Schwartz, PhD

Co-author of Relationship Rx with Jessica Griffin, on-air relationship expert, Lifetime television

About the Author

Meet Jessica Myers-Adams, aka The Relationship Visionary. This powerhouse of motivation is a licensed clinical social worker, certified relationship coach, and captivating author and speaker.

Her book, “What To Do When You Do Give a F*ck,” has garnered high praise and attention for its no-nonsense advice on how to turn around failing relationships. Through her coaching program, Couples Speak, Jessica has helped countless couples mend their broken bonds and rediscover the joy of genuine connection.

But her journey to success wasn’t an easy one. After hitting rock bottom in her relationship, Jessica faced a tough decision: continue down a path of despair, or fight for something better. She chose the latter and, through her struggles, discovered a powerful method to transform relationships.

And Jessica’s drive for excellence doesn’t stop there. She’s an Ironman finisher, with her sights set on a grueling 100-mile running race in September 2023. But she’s not doing it just for the glory – she’s also dedicating her runs to help support the operation of schools for kids in Kenya.

With her infectious energy and proven track record of success, Jessica is a true inspiration for anyone looking to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.