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Unlock the 3 game-changing steps that let therapists boost their earnings, without extending their clinic hours.


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Here’s What You’ll Gain:

Service Page Strategy: Learn how adding a coaching service page can redefine your practice. Say
goodbye to assessments and treatment planning; dive into solution-focused coaching instead.
Free Session Magic: Find out how to offer tantalizing free sessions that grab the attention of your target audience. From ‘Communication Mastery’ to ‘Passion Rekindling’ —discover how to label your sessions to hit emotional hotspots.
Legal & Ethical Compliance: Nail down your coaching agreement to ensure clarity and compliance, distinguishing your new service from traditional therapy.
Break the Myths: Understand that therapy and coaching aren't as different as people think. Both can utilize therapeutic interventions for a variety of issues, from serious mental health
concerns to everyday stressors.
Financial Freedom: Turn your skills into a thriving, financially freeing practice. Learn the art of persuasive communication and target high-paying clients who appreciate your unique skills.

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